• 3800 LED


    Designed for harsh environment,
    3800 LED combination lamp is the perfect
    full LED headlight for wheel loaders
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  • ST 2000 LED

    New ST 2000LED

    Professional choice for any HID replacement through an increased lighting performance at a lower price!
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  • QL Blue LED

    New QL BlueLED

    New signal light available with spot beam or arrow shape for increased visibility and safety while operating in dynamic areas
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  • SHD 3000 LED

    New SHD 3000LED FLA

    New flood asymmetrical light pattern available
    for high lighting output close range operation
    with 3000 Lumen
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New ST 2000 LED

New ST 2000 LED Heavy Duty Compact Light

ABL Lights Group releases a new working light that exceeds existing cost-efficient solutions that exists in the range of HID performances.

This product is running the latest LED engine ever designed and offers an impressive lighting output that exceeds the HID performances thanks to its flood asymmetrical, flood and long range options. All applications where close range and extra wide angles are therefore covered as well as applications where visibility and security are crucial.

The bi-material technology of the product associated with our state of the art class5 electronic design offer an incredible economical advantage that makes your ST 2000 LED be your key success to increase your machine performances at the lowest pricing conditions ever proposed.

New QL Blue LED

New QL Blue LED Heavy Duty Signal Light

ABL Lights Group releases a new signal light dedicated for applications where visibility is poor, especially where pedestrians may ignore approaching machines. The new QL Blue Led projects onto the ground either a blue or a red sharp-edged spot beam and is also available with an arrow shape. The pure ABL aspherical lens technology is able to shine the warning signal without dazzling any other machine drivers or any pedestrians through a perfect control of the light.

New SL 850 LED C

New SL 850 LED C Heavy Duty Compact Work Light

ABL Lights Group releases a new polycarbonate flood cover lens dedicated for applications where cost efficiency is the main criteria. The perfect crystal look of our new high grade durable plastic cover brings an outstanding optical performance with an even more compact and cost efficient SL 850 LED for professional users.

The new plastic cover is also available for our most demanding road users thanks to the ECE R23 homologated version of our product, the SL 850 LED C Reverse.

New SHD 3000 LED FLA

New SHD 3000 LED FLA

ABL Lights Group releases a new flood asymmetrical light pattern dedicated for the applications where close range and extra wide angles are needed. This specific light pattern allows an increase of horizontal and vertical spread which provides more visibility, safety and comfort for close range demanding applications like forestry machineries or specific low height positioned lamps.

3800 LED for wheel loaders

3800 LED Heavy Duty Driving Light

The 3800 LED combination drive light is designed for on-road and off-road vehicles and available with ECE or SAE homologation.

The full LED configuration for high and low beam, turn signal and pilot lights results in an extremely durable fixture to perform maintenance free in high vibration and harsh working environments. Our unique heat sink design combined with an innovative integrated thermal management allow the 3800 LED drive light to melt snow and ice and to regulate moisture away from the lens for an increased performance level.

VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP extends its product portfolio with CEA

July 07, 2015

CEA SA Switzerland

After more than 60 years leading the company that he created, Mario Bellù has decided to transmit his company CEA SA, located in Rancate (Switzerland). He has chosen VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP, a leader on the Lighting-Signaling market for on-road and off-road commercial vehicles. The agreement signed between Mr. Bellù and VIGNAL will be effective before the end of September.

Automechanika and IAA 2016, visit us in Germany

Automechanika - September 13-17 / IAA - September 22-29, 2016

Automechanika and IAA 2016, Germany

Vignal Lighting Group exhibits its whole product range for commercial vehicles at Automechanika Frankfurt from September 13-17, Hall 3.0, Booth F67A and at IAA 2016 Hannover from September 22-29, Hall 26, Booth B24.

New ABL 1100 LED 1200 and 2000 Compact

ABL 1100 LED 1200 and 2000 Compact Heavy Duty Work Light

ABL Lights is pleased to announce the release of the 1100 Series, 1200 and 2000 Compact LED. Designed as the optimal replacement for the ABL 1100 halogen lamp, our new compact line of the 1100 series LED’s offer the best performance and total cost of ownership option in the market today.

The latest ABL LED products feature an industry leading combination of durability, output and efficiency with virtual-free maintenance:

  • Heavy duty Led work light
  • Superior performance under the harshest operating conditions
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easy one to one halogen replacement

New ABL 3800 LED

ABL 3800 LED Heavy Duty Driving Light

ABL Lights Group, a leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty, Accessories and Railway Lighting Products is pleased to announce the release of their new ABL 3800 LED lamps. Following the success of the well known ABL 3800 Halogen lamps, choice of many premium original manufacturers, ABL brings now to the professional users an ECE approved full LED product designed for on-road and off-road vehicles.

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