• 3800 LED


    Designed for harsh environment,
    3800 LED combination lamp is the perfect
    full LED headlight for wheel loaders
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  • ST 2000 LED

    New ST 2000LED

    Professional choice for any HID replacement through an increased lighting performance at a lower price!
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  • QL Blue LED

    New QL BlueLED

    New signal light available with spot beam or arrow shape for increased visibility and safety while operating in dynamic areas
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  • SHD 3000 LED

    New SHD 3000LED FLA

    New flood asymmetrical light pattern available
    for high lighting output close range operation
    with 3000 Lumen
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New QL Blue LED


ABL Lights Group releases a new signal light dedicated for applications where visibility is poor, especially where pedestrians may ignore approaching machines. The new QL Blue Led projects onto the ground either a blue or a red sharp-edged spot beam and is also available with an arrow shape. The pure ABL aspherical lens technology is able to shine the warning signal without dazzling any other machine drivers or any pedestrians through a perfect control of the light.

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