• 3800 LED


    Designed for harsh environment,
    3800 LED combination lamp is the perfect
    full LED headlight for wheel loaders
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  • SHD 3000 LED

    New SHD 3000LED FLA

    New flood asymmetrical light pattern available
    for high lighting output close range operation
    with 3000 Lumen
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  • SL 850 LED C

    New SL 850LED C

    New plastic cover lens available for increased compactness and cost efficiency
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New SHD 3000 LED FLA


ABL Lights Group releases a new flood asymmetrical light pattern dedicated for the applications where close range and extra wide angles are needed. This specific light pattern allows an increase of horizontal and vertical spread which provides more visibility, safety and comfort for close range demanding applications like forestry machineries or specific low height positioned lamps.

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