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Alpha 225 LED

Alpha 225 LED is a full beam auxiliary LED light which exceeds the Xenon performances with an outstanding visibility through a perfect combination of width, range and volume. This light increases extraordinarily your vehicle lighting performances thanks to its specific high powered LED module which delivers an incredible light power though its class leading broad beam reflector.


Alpha 225 LED Dimensions

Dimension unit in mm (and 10th inch).


  • Bulb: 33 LED - 8500 lumen
  • Color Temperature: 5700 °K
  • Light pattern: Broad Off Road beam, ECE homologated Pilot Light LED
  • Consumption: 150W for driving beam LED / 2,3W for pilot Light LED
  • Voltage: Multi 10-33V
  • Intensity: 6,25 Amp @ 24 Vdc for driving beam / 0,1 Amp @ 24 Vdc for pilot light
  • Weight: 2,8 Kg
  • Polarity: Protected against reverse voltage
  • Water Tightness:

    IP 67

  • Operating Temp: -40°C to +65°C
  • Salt Spray: ISO 9227 - 240h
  • Lens: Hard coated PC lens, clear protective cover included
  • Reflector: Free form metallized reflector

Connections & Mouting

  • Connection:
    • Built-in DT 3 ways
    • DT 3 ways harness included
  • Mounting:
    • Pedestal
    • Suspended
    • No tool adjustment
    • M10 stainless steel fasteners included

Light patterns


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